Written in the stars

Written in the stars is an interactive and informative exhibition where the visitor can explore themselves through their zodiac sign. In this digital exhibition, visitors can take part in statistics about their and the remaining zodiac signs and learn about their personal abilities.

The interactive exhibition was made up of 3 65 UHD 4k screens where the user can take part in the exhibition’s visual graphics. The user navigates through the exhibition using both implicit and explicit interactions. The design decisions in this project have been based on a number of user test of the target group. The design has also been based on what the target group associates with astrology and a sense of what the project group has linked to science and modernity.

In my role as a visual designer, I created the visual identity of the project exhibition together with the design team. I was also involved in developing the flow chart in the exhibition and designing the graphics. This interactive exhibition was created as an assignment at Linköping University during my studies.

Team: Anna Skär, Lovisa Sonesson, Emma Tjell, Josefine Segerberg and Ida Reithe Kindvall 

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Linköping University - Assignment
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Interactive Exhibition
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Visual Designer

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